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Last modified:
Tuesday 16th August 2016


LAP Brochure

Before we can plan and act for the future there is a need to develop an understanding of the issues undermining the health of the riverine system.

As part of this process, key stakeholders were asked to identify issues of concern in their local areas. Stakeholders included community groups, schools and Local Government.

In general, these issues matched those identified by the Mid Murray LAP Committee. The five core issues are:

the main issues

As the Mid Murray LAP Committee consolidates its understanding of the extent and severity of these issues, the contributing factors underlying them have been identified and are illustrated above in Figure 10. Although aligned under a single issue, it should be noted that some are interrelated with other issues. For example, though dryland recharge is positioned under declining water quality, it also influences the issues of natural habitat degradation and unsustainable agriculture. The reader's attention is also drawn to the depiction of Education and Awareness at the top of the diagram. This is due to its relevance as an all encompassing issue.

The following text summarises the issues and contributing factors, ranks them according to their priority for action, and concludes by hypothesising upon the consequences of the 'Do Nothing' scenario. Key references appear where applicable so the reader can augment their understanding of the issues.

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