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Wednesday 8th November 2017

Past Events

Community Nursery Day

Date: 27/07/2011    

The Friends of Younghusband River Care group and other local volunteers contributed their time to the Community Nursery in Cambrai to sow native pine seeds, pot on seedlings and a general tidy up.

Friends of Meldanda

Date: 07/10/2011    

The 'Friends of Meldanda' meet the first friday of each month to volunteer their time to local environmental projects at Meldanda Farm. Come and be involved we meet at the recreation hut at 9:30 am and work for about an hour, then we all enjoy some morning tea together.


Date: 10/11/2011    

Mid Murray LAP AGM guest presenter Ben Heard Pro Nuclear Environmentalist

AGM Flier

Wetland Birds Upper Murray

Date: 12/11/2011    

Banrock Station. 1:30- 5:30pm
A look at wetland birds and their habitats within the Upper
Murray region. Including presentations on:
• Birds as indicators of wetland health.
• How to identify the wetland birds of the region.
• Get up close- a guide to the effective use of optics from
Adelaide Optical.
• The important place the Upper Murray plays in the
Atlas of Australian Birds and how you can contribute.
This session will be followed by a field trip into the Banrock
wetlands to get a first hand look at it’s inhabitants. Attendees
will also be provided with goodie bags chock full of feathery
To register or for more information
contact Chris Purnell:
toll free: 1300 730 075
Banrock Station. (08) 8583 0299
Events are free.
Afternoon tea will be provided
photos: Jon

Bat Workshop

Date: 11/02/2012    

The Mid Murray LAP will be holding a bat workshop at Devon Downs on Saturday the 11th of February 2012. We will have harp traps set up so that participants can see real bats that we have caught, along with quipment that is used for surveying bats in the wild. Anabat detectors will be available for loan if you would like to discover what species are on your property. You can also discover information about bats of the region, ways to increase biodiversity on your property that will benefit bat habitat as well as the use of bat boxes if there are no available tree hollows on your property.

Bat Box Workshop

Date: 15/08/2012    

Come join us to make some bat boxes, bring
some safety glasses, scrap timber appreciated
but not essential.
Held on the 15th of August in Tanunda
between 9am and 4pm.
For more details please register your interest
with Aimee Linke by the 10th of August,
phone 8564 6044 or 0427 590 344 or

Wheel Cactus Demonstration Day Ridley CP

Date: 30/11/2012    

The Mid Murray LAP is holding a sausage sizzle combined with a demonstration day on how to control Wheel Cactus. Simple stem injection techniques will be shown and an opportunity to be a part of our incentive program which will provide assistance to control the cactus and a chance to increase biodiversity on your property.

Wheel Cactus Demonstration Day Nildottie

Date: 07/12/2012    

The Mid Murray LAP is holding a sausage sizzle combined with a demonstration day on how to control Wheel Cactus. Simple stem injection techniques will be shown and an opportunity to be a part of our incentive program which will provide assistance to control the cactus and a chance to increase biodiversity on your property.

Seed Collection Basics

Date: 21/11/2012    

Come and learn how to work safely in bushland, seed collection, selecting seed and seed development, collection methods and tools, cleaning seed, drying, extraction, storage and records.

Seed Collection Workshop Flier

Seed Propagation Basics

Date: 05/12/2012    

Learn how to work safely in a plant nursery, preparing for propagation, filling tubes, sowing tubes, transplanting and thinning seedlings.

Seed Propagation Basics Flier

Bat Boxes and Snake Cameras

Date: 12/02/2013    

In February we held a bat workshop at Meldanda, we had over 20 people attend the evening with plenty of activity from the local wildlife. The evening started with Aimee Linke, project officer, discussing the findings of the bat box survey that had been conducted at Bat Island, Meldanda, using a snake camera, equipment that was purchased though the SA MDB NRM Boards small equipment grants. Two of our dedicated volunteers Joe and Irene embarked on the discovery of operating the equipment to establish the first of an annual survey that will be done of the bat boxes at Meldanda. We were quite surprised how many of the bat boxes were being inhabited by bats and demonstrated the value of using habitat boxes, even when there is available habitat. When we were outside looking at the snake camera and bat boxes, we could see bats leaving for their night of foraging.
We all enjoyed a BBQ dinner cooked up by our local groundsman Ross. After dinner Dennis Matthews, our local bat expert provided a talk for the participants on bats, which is always informative and entertaining.
Once the talk was over we proceeded outside to release the 2 chocolate wattled bats that were caught the previous night in harp traps set up along the Marne. When we were getting the bats ready with light tags so we could see their pattern of flight as they left, we saw a brush tail possum squeezing out of what we thought was a possum box, during daylight however we discovered the possum was actually living in a bird box! This box has since been replaced with one kindly donated by Mary Chricton who runs Adelaide Bat Care.
The Mid Murray LAP is currently undertaking bat surveys with community who participated in the program in 2006 so we can do some comparisons of the changes in bat activity on their properties in the last 7 years.
If you would like to be apart of the Community Bat Monitoring Project, or just more information on bats, please contact Aimee Linke at the LAP.


Date: 29/04/2013    

WHEN: Monday 29 April to Friday 3 May 2013

PROJECT LEADER: Kym Haebich of SA Murray Darling Basin NRM Board.

AIM: To dig out small VELVETY TREE PEAR plants along the top of ridges on 2 properties between Palmer and Tungkillo, put them into buckets and then empty buckets into trailers at the site. Kym and his team will empty the trailers into specially dug “graves”.

TERRAIN: The track to the accommodation could be accessed in a 2WD vehicle but normal caravans may have a problem. 4WD vehicles are needed to access the ridges which are open and fairly scrub free. See last photo.

ACCOMMODATION: A local landowner has offered his weekender near Palmer for overnight accommodation. His stone cottage has a bathroom/toilet, 1 double bed, the lounge room floor for airbeds/sleeping bags, and the carport for swags. If you have an off-road caravan, there is room for it in front of the cottage on an approx 10deg slope. See photos.
Note that day trippers are more than welcome to come for the day!

CATERING: The weekender has a tiny stove and small fridge, so it will be necessary to self-cater for this Kill Camp, including bringing your own camping stove and fridge as well as your food and drink. (If you don’t have a camping stove or fridge, don’t let that stop you – we can provide a couple!)
As we get closer to the event, some of us may agree to provide one evening meal for all the 10 volunteers.
Don Wood will bring a 6ft folding table, you should bring your folding chair. There is a 3 burner BBQ available at the weekender.

PLAN: Kym and his NRM team will drill and kill the large plants before we get there. We will dig out the small ones, starting from the weekender each day at 8.30am, drive the approx 1km to the ridge, work for as long as we can, then home or back to the weekender.

INSURANCE: The SA Murray Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board will cover volunteers under their Volunteer Insurance Policy.

INTERESTED? Email me, Don Wood on to book your place. You can phone me on 0410 399 273 if you wish to find out more.

Basic Plant Identification

Date: 28/10/2013    

Basic Plant Identification
Presented by Andrew Allanson
Irongrass Environmental Rehabilitation Services for Mid Murray LAP
Morning session 9-12—Cambrai Council Chambers
- Working safely in bushland, basic plant identification
- Seed collection methods, tools and equipment
- Cleaning seed, storage and record keeping
Lunch provided
Afternoon session 1:00 - 3:30
Field trip to collect seed
- wear sturdy shoes, long pants, hat, appropriate sun protection and bring water
For more details and to register please contact
Irene Bugeja

Upcoming AGM

Date: 13/11/2014    

Upcoming AGM will be held in Swan Reach, guest speaker will be Mike Thompson, Turtle decline in the Murray River

All welcome to AGM
Annual General Meeting

Habitat Workshop

Date: 08/10/2014    

Come and build boxes for birds, possums and bats, take some home with you or for your local men's group to put together.
all welcome, free workshop

Climate Change Information Evening

Date: 28/10/2014    

A discussion on climate change - Dr Peter Hayman - "Managing our variable and changing climate"

Walker Flat town Hall at 7:30pm

Weeds in Your Region

Date: 15/04/2015    

Come and learn about
„h Weeds of National Significance (WoNS),
„h Recently listed WoNS,
„h What¡¦s your responsibility?
„h How to identify and best control methods
Practical afternoon session
techniques will be demonstrated in the field using stem injection
on Opuntia robusta Wheel Cactus
When: 15th April 2015 Where: Swan Reach Town Hall
10-12:30 morning tea and information session
12:30-1:30 free lunch
1:30-2:30 field demonstration
2:30 close
RSVP to Mid Murray LAP Aimee Linke by 8/04/15 0427 590 344

Weeds in your region flier

Plant ID & Seed Collection Workshop

Date: 26/05/2015    

Spend a day with local plant expert Andrew Allanson, to learn about native plants and how to identify them. After lunch Andrew will take participants out in the field to learn first hand how to collet seeds from native plants


Weed Workshop at Devon Downs

Date: 01/07/2015    

As part of the Defending Dodonaea at Devon Downs project the LAP is holding a weed workshop to demonstrate techniques for controlling wheel cactus, boxthorn and bridal creeper on the 1st of July 2015 see flier for details

Weed Workshop Devon Downs

Native Plant ID Workshop

Date: 20/07/2015    

Come and learn about the native plants of your region and collect a herbarium to help you learn how to identify plants on your own property

Native Plant ID Workshop flier

GPS use and mapping workshop

Date: 28/07/2015    

Learn how to set up a GPS units, collect points and download to your laptops and view points on a map. Useful for helping to manage your property. Session will be presented by Mapping Services Australia

GPS mapping workshop flier

Weed Control Workshop

Date: 31/07/2015    

Come and learn how to control pepper trees, bridal creeper, boxthorn, asparagus fern, cactus and onion weed. Practical in field demonstrations will be the focus of the day

Weed Control Workshop flier

Innovation Trail Long Lunch

Date: 14/10/2015    

Innovation Trail 4 days of farm Visits in the Riverland and a Long Lunch on Wednesday the 14th of October with Jo Podoliak - RDA, Barry Porter-Kolophon Caper, Mark McNamara - The Food Luddite and many more, see pdf for more details of the invitation and the program. For enquiries please contact Leanne Rathbone Project Manager BBLAP 0478 597 884


Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden

Date: 15/10/2015    

Gil Hollamby from the Butterfly Conservation SA Inc. will be kindly providing a talk at Meldanda from 11am on how to attract butterflies to you garden

Butterfly Talk Meldanda

Mid Murray LAP AGM 2015

Date: 12/11/2015    

Mid Murray LAP will be holding their Annual General Meeting on the 12th of November at the Mannum Golf Club from 10am. Guest Speaker will be a representative from the Butterfly Conservation SA Inc. talking about attracting butterflies to you garden. The Mid Murray LAP currently has vacant positions on their committee if anyone would like to nominate

AGM Flier
Group Membership form
Committee Membership form

Bat Box Workshop

Date: 08/03/2016    

Come and make a bat box for your place and one to donate to raise funds for Adelaide Bat Care
Where: Meldanda
When: 08/03/16
Time: 11:00-1:00pm
Cost: Free

Bat Box Workshop Flier

Cambrai Community Nursery

Date: 19/07/2016    

Program of events for 2016

workshop 2016 flier

2016 Mount Barker Change Exchange

Date: 15/08/2016    

The Mount Barker Change Exchange is an event for local citizen
scientists, as well as anyone interested in learning about citizen
science and their local environment. This river, creek and wetland
themed affair is part of the National Science Week program of the
Murray Mallee Science Hub’s Science Hub.

When: Monday 15 August
Time: 3.30 pm to 7.00 pm
Where: Purtinga Environmental
Centre, Mount Barker
Cost: Free
Please contact Sylvia Clarke:
8391 7505 or 0428 743 487

Flier for Change Exchange


Date: 12/08/2016    

Workshops to learn about frogs in your area and how to monitor them. Mid Murray Landcare SA is supporting 2 workshops in our region one in Mannum on the 12th of August and one at Swan Reach on the 30th. See attached flier for more details

FrogWatch is here!

Native Seed Production Workshops

Date: 29/09/2016    

10AM - 1230 PM
Learn about commercial opportunities of native seed & plant production in low rainfall areas
and find out about the conservation outcomes.
1:30PM - 3:30PM
See the Murray Mallee LAP mobile community seed bank and Mid Murray Landcare seed
production areas. Learn about the benefits of native grass production.
Workshops are free and include lunch. Participants are welcome to register for one or both
workshops either online or by contacting Mid Murray Landcare 8564 6044, or Murray Mallee LAP 85312066,
Register online

Seed Workshops Flier

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