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Tuesday 16th August 2016

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LAP Brochure

Bounded largely by the aquatic and riparian environments of the River Murray from Blanchetown to Mannum (refer to Map 4), the Mid Murray LAP Region is characterised by majestic cliffs and floodplain wetlands, each of which are occasionally incised by agricultural holdings and communities of itinerant and permanent shack dwellers.

map of mid-murray region

These characteristics together with its close proximity to Adelaide make the Mid Murray LAP Region a preferred destination for nature/river based tourism. The result is a small resident population that swells dramatically during holiday periods with an influx of visitors.

The main townships of Blanchetown, Swan Reach, Nildottie, Purnong and Mannum support various dryland and irrigated agricultural enterprises, and a thriving, buoyant tourism industry. Combined these industries make a significant contribution to both Regional and State economies.

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